Hard NRG promomix serie

The idea behind the Hard NRG serie is of course to promote me as a DJ but also to introduce and give respect to my favourite Hard/Nu NRG tracks which had been made in certain years. From the 1996 when I started to play NRG records I have tried to create my own "Proteus style" in my DJ sets. "The Proteus style" of NRG contains a lot of influence from different kind of techno music genres and I have tried to combine the best elements from those together. I have for exempel used some industrial tracks and elements to create "the Proteus kind of" dark, cyber and same time beautiful atmosphere to the mixes.

The serie contains a lot of classic tracks from 1992-2003. The tracks are made by my favourite artists, my friends, myself and the people who really created the sound of Hard/Nu NRG; like Lab-4, Karim, Mishka, Captain Tinrib, RR Fierce, Epilim, Carbon Based, Choci, Kevin Energy, Etienne Picard, OD 404,Sperminator, DOK, S4...

There are also many tracks from producers who don't usually make pure NRG tracks; like Tim Schuldt, Funkervogt and Marc La Cruz. I have used a lot of different records in the intros of the mixes. All the sounds in the intros are from vinyl or cd and I have put a lot of effort in mixing them.


Hard NRG - The Hellfire Club

Available through Teflon Bullet.


The audio streams below require Macromedia Flash 7 to open.


Hard NRG VI - The Number of the Beast

Duration : 65min 45secs

[Open stream]



Hard NRG V - Distorted Pleasure

Duration : 74min 03secs

[Open stream]



Hard NRG IV - Cyberpunk

Duration : 69min 55secs

[Open stream]



Hard NRG III - The Ring of Fire

Duration : 72min 50secs

[Open stream]




Duration : 73min 40secs

[Open stream]



Hard NRG I

Duration : 68min 44secs

[Open stream]